Disclosure and Retention

Services which are available to you at www.zenerco.com, are provided by Zener Engineering Company (PJS). We are happy that you are visiting our website and we hope that we can meet your information needs.

Due to some legal limitations that is applied to all internet users, we suggest that you read the following information with precision and in case you do not agree with them, please leave this website. It is obvious that if you use this website, you agree with our terms and conditions.

    All the principles and processes of our website are met under Islamic republic of Iran’s laws, electronic trade law and the law of protecting the rights of consumers, and in return, the user is obliged to comply with user related laws.
    All content of this website, is protected under copyright laws and are forbidden to be used without having permission from website’s admin.
    You are not allowed to reproduce, edit, move, distribute, download, forward or transfer contents and others in any form (electronically, copying and recording), unless in cases that the permission is specifically given.
    This website contains texts, images, commercial signs, graphics, films, software, etc. which all the rights are reserved by Zener Engineering Company and any type of this content’s commercial usage without Zener Engineering Company’s permission is illegal.
    Zener Engineering Company is putting a lot of effort in order to provide correct information for all sections of the website and in the case of creating content, it uses original sources and our product manufactures. Although website’s admin is putting maximum effort in the sense of having up-to-date and accurate information, the accuracy and correctness of the information is neither guaranteed nor claimed. Website’s admin does not take any responsibility for the errors and mistakes that may exist in the contents.
    Your visit, review and search in our website is done under your own responsibility. Neither the website’s admin nor any involved real or legal personnel responsible for updating and providing information, are liable for any type of direct or indirect, accidental, subdominant and retributive damage that may be caused by using our website.
    Zener Engineering Company does not take any responsibility for any type of direct, indirect or accidental damage to the user’s equipment due to using our website (Permanent or temporary damage).
    We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of our website at any given time. We recommend you to visit our website periodically in order to be aware of these changes. Our assumption after each change in our terms and conditions is that you have accepted it. The attributable version of this document is the latest available version on our website. You agree that your continuous usage from our website means that you have accepted any change in our usage and personal space laws.


Privacy Policy

    Zener Engineering Company endeavors to contain your personal information in our website and protects your personal information.
    We respect our users’ and visitors’ personal privacy and adhere protecting your personal information. We do not gather any personal information from our visitors during visit from our website, unless you fill out and send online forms to us. You can be assured that these information are only used between us and our customers to stay in contact.
    Other than items that are specified by law, information such as sent articles , questions, comments and suggestions, etc. received from our users are considered non-personal information and we reserve the right to use them without limitation for any purpose such as publish, copy, transfer, etc.
    During your visit from our website, our web server gathers your basic information. These information include your workstation name, your IP address, your visit time and date, and the pages that you visit and does not contain any information related to your identity unless in cases of preventing fraud and misuse from the needed system.
    There are web links on Zener Engineering Company’s website that linked to other websites that are hosted by third party personnel. We do not have any obligation to supervise the contents of the linked websites but our effort is to only provide web links that comply with Islamic republic of Iran’s laws and more importantly, respect our users’ personal privacy. In any case, Zener Engineering Company does not have any right to change, update or control the linked websites and does not accept any responsibility for their contents.
    Some files and software on our website might not belong to Zener Engineering Company In this case, aforementioned files will be introduced. Website’s admin will provide these files for our conclusive customers as a service. Website’s admin does not provide permission for usage and possession rights of the mentioned files. This permission is only issued by the owners or sellers of these files. Individuals who copy or use these files are responsible for observance of conditions and requirements which may be issued by the owners or sellers of these files.  
    You are responsible for using the contents of this website such as provided articles, products’ specifications, downloadable files, etc. Evaluating completeness and usefulness of these information is your responsibility.
    Our website does not provide any product for children.