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After sales services is the most essential service provided by the company after a product is purchased. Zener engineering Co.’s after sales service department provides its high quality services in the fastest possible time by using professional and technical staff. Our customer service center executes our after sales services for all the products under warranty sold by Zener Co. both by sending a technician to your location or by providing an over-the-phone solution. Due to the importance of after sales support and the necessity of shortest possible break in customer’s equipment function, our after sales department provides services in Tehran within 2 hours and within 24 hours in other cities for emergency situations. Our after sales department tries to do repairs and maintenance of our products by replacing the faulty or damaged component on your site. This is done by working close with our commercial department in order to have all the necessary spare components available.

Responsibilities of after sales services department

Guiding our customers, providing technical hints and trainings for correct use of our products
Providing spare parts for our equipment
Repair and maintenance of faulty products in the shortest time
Regular and updated trainings for our technical staff in order
  Holding educational training sessions in specific cases for our customers if necessary

For correct action in case of technical difficulty, please refer to the Users manual provided for your product first and if the problem persists, follow up on the issue through us.

If repair and maintenance of the faulty product is not possible on customer’s site, the product must be sent to our service center.
The faulty product will be tested for problems through our technicians.
If the faulty product is not under warranty and its repair cost is more than 5 million Rials, the repair fee will be reported to the customer. If not, the product will be repaired automatically.
The final test of the repaired product will be done and the product will be delivered to the customer after receiving the receipt.
Please pay attention to the address, telephone number and working hours of our department.
Transportation fees of both the faulty and repaired product is the customer’s responsibility.
The faulty product should be sent to our department using suitable and protective packaging.
We are not responsible for the damages that may caused by postal services or similar methods.
Matching warranty conditions to the current situation is the responsibility of our technical staff.
Outward problems of faulty product (scratches, broken segments) will be noted upon receiving.
Providing warranty card is necessary when delivering the faulty product.
Testing the repaired product is doable by the customer upon pick-up.
Consumable components are under warranty if faulty upon product delivery.

Due to the sensitivity of customer equipment, it is highly recommended to use trained technicians for installation and product setup. Most of the UPS up to 3kVA are plug & play and can be installed by the customer itself. But for higher capacity UPS devices or the ones with external batteries, it is necessary that trained technicians do the installation. Installation and setup services are completely free for the products which are not plug & play for the first time at all locations in Iran.
After delivery of the product, the following proceedings should occur for the installation:
1. Calling (021) 66 72 3972 (Ext. 2) in order to schedule installation and setup appointment by our technicians. (This can also be done by contacting the sales department)
2. Arrival of our technician to the installation site, observe the location and prepare the initial conditions for the proper installation
3. Installation of the batteries (external), battery connecting cables, UPS and distribution board
4. UPS setup and applying initial configurations suitable for customer needs, fully testing the device and delivery of the device
5. Providing initial training about UPS operation and possible errors
6. Completing task report form by recording full parameters of UPS and batteries

Setup procedure Installation process Initial trainings Technicians transportation are FREE

Transportation costs of UPS and providing input/output cables are customer’s responsibility.
It is recommended to get help from our technician in the case of UPS relocating. The fee for relocating and secondary setup is customer’s responsibility.

Inspection and service includes overall inspection of all installed equipment (UPS, batteries, etc.), continuous supervision of overall operation of the system after installation. Inspection and service of equipment using professional technicians is very important regardless of the equipment and the company that the customer is working with. If a component that is about to become malfunctioned or is near the end of its fatigue life is not repaired or replaced, it will probably cause damage to other components which might cause irreversible damages to the overall system. Inspection and service of equipment on schedule will extend the life of batteries and the UPS. Therefore, it is recommended to do the inspection and service minimum of four times a year through professional technicians due to economical and safety reasons. Zener engineering co. service center can provide inspection and service for your equipment and preventive maintenance for longer equipment life at the shortest possible time using our professionally trained technical staff. Our department has access to our complete spare parts warehouse and is capable of providing general service and maintenance even on holidays. Service and inspection is done according to the provided check list.

General Service

Checking environmental conditions (Temperature and humidity)
Detailed inspection of correct operation of the device and related parameters
  Checking battery status (Battery parameters, battery adjustment)
Investigating events log
Dust removal and full cleaning of the device

Due to the importance of continuous operation of customer equipment, Zener engineering Co.’s service center provides regular visit and service at the customer’s location for their equipment after signing support contracts. Periodic service enables finding damaged components before the overall operation of the system is affected while allowing our technicians to provide necessary hardware and software changes in order to optimize the operation of the device.

Inspection and service of equipment on schedule will extend the life of batteries and the UPS.

Periodic inspection of equipment and accessories within the contract period including

Controlling operational parameters of equipment
    Controlling operational parameters of equipment (Input and output voltage, frequency, etc.)
    Controlling environmental conditions of installation site (Ground, temperature, etc.)
    Complete testing of electronic circuits, switches and terminals
    Software and hardware troubleshooting
    Replacing consumable components such as contacts, relay, AC and DC capacitors, etc.

Express maintenance of faulty equipment (priority over regular customers)
Proprietary reservation of all of customer’s spare components in our spare parts warehouse
Temporary replacement of faulty device with a similar model within the support contract period if maintenance is time consuming in order to prevent interruption in customer equipment operation

To get after sales representative contact information in other provinces call
+9821 66 72 39 72 (Ext. 2)

After sales service department of Zener engineering Co. provides UPS and battery training courses in three stages:

  1. Elementary: Problems with electricity grid, initial familiarity with UPS and batteries, introducing our products
  2. Technical: Operation of different components of UPS
  3. Professional: Troubleshooting and professional maintenance of UPS

Zener Engineering Co. provides the corresponding certificate at the end of the course.

You can apply for our training courses by filling out and sending the form below.

Training Course Request Form

Training Course Request Form


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