Zener at a Glance
Company History
Organization Process

مخترع دیود زنر (کلارنس ملوین زنر)

What does Zener mean?

This diode was invented by Clarence Malvin Zener in 1915 and was named after him.

The term "Zener" has been taken from an electrical element called "Zener Diode". This kind of diode passes the electrical current in one direction and allows the current to switch to opposite direction when voltage surpasses the maximum limit.



Zener engineering company was founded by five graduates from Tehran university in 1981. During Iran-Iraq war with increase of frequent interruption of electricity, our company designed and manufactured surge protectors for appliances such as refrigerator, television and others. In 1983 Zener designed and manufactured a new product to protect devices with 3-phase motors.

محصولات تولیدی شرکت مهندسی زی-نر؛ محافظ زینر


Manufacturing first Iranian offline UPS with Zener brand and co-founder of UPS Manufacturer’s Association of IRAN

Zener continued manufacturing various types of surge protectors and industrial panels until the 80’s which the usage of computers in government organizations, banks, etc. was on the rise. Interruption for such systems was a major issue and in 1989 Zener engineering company designed and manufactured the first offline UPS in Iran named Zener UPS and expanded the range of production up to 5kVA.

UPS Manufacturer’s Association of IRAN

The after sales service department started to grow rapidly due to considerable growth in the market. The commercial department imported necessary electronic components for UPS production primarily and expanded its activity through importing high power industrial UPS, sealed lead-acid batteries and diesel generators.
In 1994 UPS Manufacturer’s Association of IRAN was established with Zener’s participation.


Membership in associations and organizations and acquiring iSO9001: 2008 certificate

From 2000 to 2009, Zener successfully obtained exclusive business partners from famous international brands to provide UPS, battery and generator sets.
Zener established department of renewable energy systems in 2009 and accomplished several research studies. Zener is now officially certified by reputable brands to provide solar panels, inverters, solar chargers and related products.
In 2011 Zener became an active member of Iran Solar Industry Association, Iran Electrical Syndicate and Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce.
Now with more than 35 years of experience in the field of electronics and more than 60 qualified personnel, we make high efforts to meet and satisfy our clients’ requirements by continuous improvement through various trainings, optimizing procedures and documenting activities. Our ultimate step in achieving this goal was obtaining iSO9001:2008 certificate of quality management system in 2013.


Quality management system standard certification iSO9001:2008 by SGS Switzerland

Membership in Iran’s Electrical Industry Syndicate

Completed construction of 800m2 warehouse for future productions

Membership in the Iran-Italy chamber of commerce


Membership in Solar Industry Institute of Iran


Became official representative of Riello UPS (Italy) after integration of Riello and AROS


The new department of renewable energy systems was created

Became exclusive representative of Global and Rocket batteries from Sebang company (South Korea)


Became exclusive representative of Ablerex Electronics UPS (Taiwan)

Became exclusive representative of AROS UPS (Italy)

Became exclusive representative of Starway battery from Leoch company (China)


Became official representative of AROS UPS (Italy)

Became exclusive representative of Newmax battery from NB corporation (South Korea)


Became official representative of UIS Abler Electronics UPS (Taiwan)

Became official representative of Liebert Hiross UPS (Italy)

Became exclusive representative of PowerCo diesel generators (UK)


Became official representative of Newmax battery from NB corporation (South Korea)


UPS Manufacturer’s Association was established with participation of Zener


Designed and manufactured the first offline UPS in Iran up to 5 kVA named Zener UPS


Change company location to the current location in PHILIPS building and increased office space


Designed and manufactured a surge protection device for 3-phase motors


ZENER Engineering Co was founded on September 16th

Designed and manufactured surge protection devices for appliances such as refrigerator, television and stereos

ZENER Engineering Company Organization Process

Zener Engineering Co. with more than 30 years of experience in the electrical and electronics industry is the official and exclusive representative for products of the following companies in Iran:

Exclusive representative for UPS, frequency converter, power systems manufactured by Ablerex:

Ablerex UPS manufacture company

Ablerex, with its’own core technologies, has developed power conversion products that promote improved power stability, power quality and green energy for global markets. Ablerex is an organization that invests a high portion of its resources to technical research and development. This strategy results in more than 100 advanced, proprietary patented techniques. In addition, a leading market researcher has presented Ablerex with its Global Leader Award.


Official representative for UPS, frequency converter, power systems manufactured by Riello:

Riello Aros UPS manufacture company

Riello UPS offers a vast range of products, organized into 22 ranges of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS ), based on several different state-of-the-art technological architectures. Thanks to its two research centers, world-class examples of excellence for the design, development and testing of uninterruptible power supplies, Riello UPS can constantly innovate its product portfolio, keeping it at the top in terms of performance, reliability and competitiveness.


Exclusive representative for Diesel generator and Power systems manufactured by PowerCo:

PowerCo diesel generator manufacture company

PowerCo Systems Ltd are an independent British manufacturer of a comprehensive range of diesel generating sets with outputs from 5kVA to 3000kVA, 50 and 60Hz. Based in the United Kingdom, PowerCo have now been manufacturing generators since 1995, however we have decades of experience gained from our main staff working in the Power Industry for well of 20 years.


Exclusive representative for Starway Sealed-lead acid batteries:

Starway sealed-lead acid battery

Proprietary battery brand registered under Zener Engineering Co. Zener provides maintenance free sealed lead acid batteries ranging from 7 to 100AH with best quality and high life expectancy used for UPS, telecommunication equipment, lighting applications, security and medical systems.


Official representative for Rocket/Global Sealed-lead acid batteries manufactured by Sebang:

Sebang Global and Rocket battery manufacture company

SEBANG GLOBAL BATTERY Co.,Ltd has led the battery industry in Korea with the brand of "Rocket" for over half century since the establishment in 1952. SEBANG Global Battery has put forth its strength to the continuous management innovation corresponding to the rapid changing market environment, and has concentrated ceaseless efforts to the technology development in order to produce the best product.


Official representative for the Newmax Sealed-lead acid batteries manufactured by Daejin:

Daejin Newmax sealed-lead acid battery manufacture company

Daejin Battery Co., Ltd., has over 20 years experience and endless R&D investment in the lead-acid battery industry. Daejin make use of state-of-the-art testing facility to constantly build on experience to provide the most advanced products on the market today. Daejin is passionate about helping customers succeed.