ZENER Eng. Co. Uninterruptible Power Supply


Single and Three phase Uninterruptible Power Supply From 0.5VA To 1MW

ZENER Eng. Co. UPS Battery


Sealed-Acid High Quality Battery From 7AH To 200AH With Long Life

ZENER Eng. Co. Automatic Transfer Switch


Automatic Transfer Switch for Computer Network and Data Centers From 16A To 120A

ZENER Eng. Co. Active Power Filter


Provide Active Power Filters To Reduce The Harmful Effects Of Harmonics

ZENER Eng. Co. Battery Charger


Provide AC to DC Chargers For Rechargeable Batteries In Different Capacities

ZENER Eng. Co. Energy Storage System

Energy Recycle

Provide Electricity Storage Systems, Self-Consumption and Energy Recovery Systems

Consultation, design, and implementation of electrical systems

Technical services and periodic maintenance of UPS, Batteries, etc.

Holding UPS and battery training courses from beginner to advanced

Offering variety of special electrical equipment needed

ZENER Engineering Company UPS Manufacture Association stablished

Co-founder of UPS Manufacture Association


ZENER Engineering Company Over 35 years experience

Over 35 Years of Experience


ZENER Engineering Company ISO 9001:2008 SGS System Certification

ISO 9001:2008 SGS System Certification


Professional Technical Staff

Professional Technical Team of Engineers